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Rasmussen Called

I have major problems with the wording of questions and it was an automated survey so they lost.  I only got the first question but I can fill in the rest.  I want to express myself. Do you approve of pResident Obama? No I don’t.  I don’t approve of the future scientific dystopian tyrannical depopulated microchipped globalist slave state, the…

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Towers of Babel

Remember the government subsidized switch to digital TV? Get ready for the next devolution. A folly greater than the dot com bust.  A surveillance system of galactic proportions coupled with Soviet style re-education technocracy.  Orwellian Brave New World stuff for sure, the national broadband plan.…

And it’s ugly cousin government run media.…

But the real gem in this?…

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Health Care WMDs

Words of Mass



Diversion An unreported provision question.

Does the health care bill mandate the implantable 666 Mark of the Beast microchip.

Does the mere utterance of that statement make me a domestic terrorist/mental patient/enemy of the state/racist/homophobe/climate denier/Teabagger. Honestly I have not even seen the subject recently in the best of the best sites of premier Tin…

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Earth Hour Max Power-Updated

Don’t forget earth hour tonight.  

When turning on stuff don’t forget the big watt sucking items like the microwave oven, blow dryers,electric stoves and clothes dryers. Think of it like voting, voting against being lied to, voting against a permanent underclass, voting against giving sociopathic Bernie Madoff parasites money to masterbate with.  On a global basis no less.  Voting…

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Blind Side Hurt Locker

Yesterday I finally got to watch the movie Blind Side.  Some of you know I don’t hold out much hope for our zero order species but this had me reduced to a teary eyed mass of jello.  I felt so uplifted the cancer in my right lung went away.  Claims of psychic healing miracles aside I do get pissed about…

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The Addition of Kumbaya to The technologies of Satan List

When the mere utterance of words, the percieved utterance of word sequences and or “improper” thought patterns surrounding the issues of race and sexual orientations are enough to bring about public stonings then I shall gladly part company with the left PC Kumbaya crowd. What started this?  “Our” racist military.… First off the disclaimer.  I truely hold that the…

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