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IRS Windfall Tax

June 26 was the cutoff date for unemployment benefits.  For me it was a long communte to China and biz-politicowise aged baby boomers like myself don’t fit in with the younger Iserbyte dumbed down then later “citizen of the world” indoctrinated Facebook set. The only thing keeping Grampy from living under a bridge abutment is premature 401 cashing in, creating…

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Dwain Deets!

Dwain Deets

MS Physics, MS Eng

Former Director, Aerospace Projects, NASA Dryden Flight Research Center

Served as Director, Research Engineering Division at Dryden

Recipient of the NASA Exceptional Service Award

Presidential Meritorious Rank Award in the Senior Executive Service (1988)

Selected presenter of the Wright Brothers Lectureship in Aeronautics

Associate Fellow – American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)


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Census Kid Came

He was a 20 something and he appeared nervous.  I was wondering how many people were giving him a  hard time.  I told him how many people lived here.  He did not press for an answer. I don’t answer race questions anymore. This is after all post America.  I can say that, right, being an “American” and all that.…

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IRS Boycott

Yesterday was tax day in this formerly underwater New England community.  Much like the intrusive census questions this time it was the tax people asking me to jump off a cliff.
If the government asks you, do you automatically comply. Both the federal and state want me to put both mine and my wife’s social security numbers on a check.…

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Illegal Alien Government/Industry Importation Consortium

Protesters against Arizona’s new immigration law hold a rally at Union Square in New York. In Paul Joseph Watson’s article, Corporate Media Plays Down Pro-Illegal Immigration Thugs Who Terrorized Santa Cruz, posted today on Prison Planet, a comment pointed out the insanity of illegal immigration as it relates to the policies of other countries: If you cross the North Korean…

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