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Suburban Driving

First they came for the drunks but I was not a drunk so I said nothing

Then they came for the “geezers” but I was not a “geezer” just yet so I said nothing They they came for the “texters” but I couldn’t see to text so I said nothing So just when are they coming for me?

When the…

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Medical Payment Refused

Yes.  So my mother-in-law goes for a biopsy.  Since she does smoke the doctor checked some box marked “substance abuse” and payment was denied. My ex boss was a Russian.  His boss once asked him the question how he liked America.

“Now I have lived in two socialist countries”.…

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The Daily Fascist

Ok, maybe that is a tad extreme, then again is it?  Lamestream media gives us the daily talking points, which is why I avoid it as much as possible.  Boston to ban soft drinks.  Lowest common denominator news.  The witch/masterbation incident, again lowest common denominator news.  How about this.  I won’t quite smoking, I never wear my seat belt, have…

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I have to ask why the repuglican establishment has not mounted severe opposition to something the most Satanic think tanks of the left call the Dream Act.  Ok, like free college tuition for the children of illegal immigrants, non-politically correct speaking wise when my American son can’t get such tuition reimbursement because I “make too much” collecting unemployment.  Don’t mean…

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Water the next market

The lawn is brown, so I don’t have to cut it.  Need I bring up or should I bring up the pictures of houses built upon swamps that flooded and made nice skating ponds for us baby boomer kids.  Should I bring up the property I wanted to buy in 1982 which lies in the hundred year flood plan and…

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