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For a Different Take

In these “Interesting Times”,I tend to think of interesting on the curse side of things Natural News, all of the Natural News stories have significant impact on all of us.  Enough such that I can risk my lowest of credibility scales by bringing it up here in this most mainstream of outlets where it won’t get noticed. Is GMO…

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Idea New Year

Obamacare repeal.  

Securing the border, US Marines, shoot to kill, locked and loaded.  

Removing the welfare magnet for illegals.

Moving to stifle executive orders.

Cease and desist Federal dollars for foreign aide.

Ending smoke Nazis, diet Nazis, fat kid Nazis,unicorn flu Nazis.  I know “Nazi” is an improper word choice but here I shall let it stand in…

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Feeling Good About Food

The real debate over the safety of genetically modified food almost never reaches mainstream media.  One has to look to Europe for scant coverage of such events.  One Million per life saved with this new bill.  Sound like ObamaCare?… Sometimes we think we know stuff for sure.  It’s been “tested”,”approved” and “rolled out” into the marketplace. And then later.…

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Heard on 96.9 Boston Talk

It is one of those off hand comments but it does illustrate the dumbing down of America and the effects of 24/7 useless commercial media. Bill Clinton weakened Homeland Security. I know what the man meant but it is a fact that Homeland Security is/was a product of 911, a post Clinton event.  As commercial media chooses to ignore the…

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IRS expansion of 1099s on everything to fund Obamacare,subcontractors supporting IT for said 1009s, IRS agents, auditors, inspectors, collectors, software for and or instructors/PR think tank agencies relating to compliance roll outs for businesses. I should not have to press anything for English.

Repeal of Sarbanes-Oxley.

Regulation, should be prohibition of rising “temp” agencies through which businesses are increasingly foregoing…

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