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Leftist Priest slandering Immigrant enforcement advocates, invoking “Nazi Germany”

In the New Bedford local paper, The (Double) Standard Times, Catholic Social Services Rev. Marc Fallon accused me of being exactly like the 1930s German Nazis. Apparently if you state publicly or otherwise that American immigration laws need to be enforced, you are a genocidal bigot. Earlier last week in New Bedford two illegal alien Mayan men were mugged by…

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Why Massachusetts is dominated by leftist Democrats

There are things actually enviable about being a liberal. Perhaps the most advantageous is the fact that they can say almost anything about anyone, in any tone and not cause a reaction out of many people who fall instantly to ‘victim’ status when a conservative offers a parallel statement. I’m not sure that there are enough of us who know…

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The “Fairness” Doctrine

While liberals seem to thrive in the print press and telvision studios, conservatives counter with domination of the live talk radio airwaves.
Knowing what we know of the liberal media bias thanks to a poll taken by journalists for journalists(85% vote for Democrats more often than for Republicans), it is safe to assume the hiring practices are due to ideology.…

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