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I think I am beginning to understand the context some have taken my words to mean. I’m not at all saying that Jim is in anyway using his brother’s tragic death “for all its worth”, or anything close to it. That would make me an imbecile and insensitive ass. I am saying that, understandably, terrorism was his primary motivation to…

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Time for the Beatty detractors to explain themselves..or have it done for them.

Some of you prefer the candidacy of Ogonowski, some prefer Beatty. Both choices should meet with respect by the other. What cannot be approved of or condoned by Republicans at any level, is what is taking place to derail Beatty’s candidacy. An important story is unfolding at the Pentagon and could rattle the underpinnings of the Mass GOP. Story..…

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Obama lifted from Deval..who lifted from Eddie Murphy!!!

Far be it from me to let anyone think Governor Patrick is a statesman who is to be recited as some established intellect. I’m watching this Obama/ Deval comparison and I’m thinking, “Wait just a second..I’ve heard this before.” And then it hit me. 1992 Eddie Murphy as a the con-man turned con-gressman Thomas “Jeff” Johnson in The Distinguished Gentleman…

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This conservative is optimistic about November

If the elections were held today a Democrat would win. Of course the Republicans would have run different strategies if that were the case. The elections though, aren’t until November and in the end, the Democratic candidate we will face is either going to be very polarizing or unqualified. Hillary Clinton is struggling with voter fatigue if you read the…

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SOS Alert: GOP trying to develop against the socialist dominated Massachusetts Southcoast

The Fall River Republican City Committee is hosting a Lincoln Day  Breakfast on Sunday February 10th at 10:30 AM at TA’s Restaurant, 408 So. Main St. Fall River. Tickets are $15 per person and must be purchased in advance.

Tickets can be purchased by calling Linda Rapoza: 508-254-7785 Guest Speakers to include GOP Chairman Peter Torkildsen, Sheriff Thomas Hodgeson, and…

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