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Keith C. McCormic, a member of the Greenfield school committee and former Republican candidate for state senate, pledged to seek the Republican nomination for U.S. Representative in the First Congressional District of Western Massachusetts if citizens contribute $5,000 towards a run by Sunday, February 7th.  Five thousand dollars is the filing threshold for the Federal Election Commission. “I need to…

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I am considering a run against John Olver.

( – promoted by Mike “DD4RP” Rossettie) Draft Release: Greenfield school committee member Keith McCormic is seeking advice from local political experts regarding the formation of an exploratory committee to run for federal office, raising the possibility that he may run for the First Congressional District seat now held by Democrat John Olver of Amherst.  As a freshman member of…

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1st Congressional District Candidates?

Do we have any rumored candidates for the 1st Congressional District in Western Mass? I think that Olver may be vulnerable this year, but only if: * We can get two candidates on the primary ballot.

* Those candidates debate each other A LOT. I followed Nate Bech’s campaign last election and he did a really great job of chasing…

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( – promoted by DD4RP) Republican Reformer Proposes Solution to Governor vs. Legislature Budget Impasse

11/25/2009 – Greenfield, MA Keith C. McCormic, a member of the Greenfield school committee, today sent a personal letter to Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick asking him to back a salary cap for state and local government employees to help close the state budget gap without…

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Rep. Donelan running for Sheriff, not Legislature next year.

( – promoted by DD4RP) A primary contest is shaping up for the Franklin County sheriff’s job, even though the election is more than a year away, with state Rep. Christopher Donelan announcing Thursday that he plans to forsake a re-election bid and instead challenge three-term incumbent Frederick Macdonald. Open Seat! – We need a Republican candidate, folks. Sheriff faces…

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Greenfield swings to the right

On Tuesday, Greenfield voters elected a sometimes-Republican, pro-development conservative for Mayor and a known Republican and supporter of Question 1  to the School Committee:… GREENFIELD – The city’s next mayor will be Town Councilor William F. Martin, voters decided on Tuesday. Martin tallied more than 2,000 votes, giving him a victory of more than 500 votes, over Alfred J.…

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Three Ballot Initiative Amendments for 2010

(Keith’s obsession with anagrams aside, all three have merit. – promoted by Cool Cal) Based on feedback from my previous thread on 2010 referenda, I’ve drawn up draft ballot amendments: Citizen-Lead Ethics Amendment Neutralizing Uncompetitive Polities (CLEAN-UP): Independent Redistricting Commission. Citizen-Lead Ethics Amendment Neutralizing Entrenched Machines (CLEAN-EM): Rolling Term Limits. Citizen-Lead Ethics Amendment Neutralizing Obscure and Unintelligible Turpitude (CLEAN-OUT): Public…

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