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747 Explodes over Boston Harbor – Libyan SA-7 Missile Strikes Aircraft

(Keith Lepor – British Airway’s Flight 1969, a Jumbo 747 with 524 passengers aboard had just taken off from Boston’s Logan Airport for London’s Heathrow.  At 7:18 pm to the horror of those looking out beyond Deer Island there was a flash as the jet exploded at 4,200 feet moments after take off.  On a Liberian flagged freighter just…

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Reports of al-Qaeda’s Imminent Demise may be Greatly Exaggerated

( – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) America remains in the crosshairs. The point of contention amongst analysts is whether al-Qaeda’s current capabilities necessitate greater concern.  In ascertaining the nature of such a risk it is important to understand the changing dynamic of this lethal adversary.  The decentralized structure of today’s al-Qaeda is far different than the…

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