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Golnik…The Smoking Gun Is Truly Here Now!

Well, this latest impropriety may go down as the worst.  Honestly, adding up the register to vote thing, working for AIG, the DUI and smoking pot…this takes the cake.  Apparently, he is a YANKEE FAN!  Seriously buddy!  Please go away.  How can we trust a Yankee fan?  Oh, I realize I’m not in the district but Congress’ vote effects everyone…

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Golnik on Howie Carr Tonight…Absolutely Pathetic

Did anyone hear this crap tonight?  First off, Howie was lobbing softballs galore at Golnik.  I’m sure if it was a Democrat Howie didn’t like he would’ve demanded the guy be executed.  Hypocrite.  Anyway, on to Golnik, personally I didn’t know or care about this guy at all, but I do read and the police report said he said he…

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