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What should I expect from attending a political fundraiser?

I’m a young adult in the tech sector, and as new to politics as I am to bourgeois respectability.  As I’m planning to max out to the GOP statewide slate later this summer, I’m considering attending a fundraiser or three, but I was wondering what to expect? What are some common mistakes or faux-pas that novices make, and what are…

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Hudak outraises Tierney by 50% in first quarter

According to quarterly filings submitted this week, John Tierney raised $62,019.22 while spending $32,731.55, for a net gain of 29,287.67.

He has cash on hand of $1,456,537.33. Bill Hudak raised $94,746.81, and spent $103,651.36, for a net loss of 8,904.55.

He has cash on hand of $88,487.80. Detailed reports are available at the FEC’s site: John Tierney:… Bill Hudak:…

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