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What makes you want to keep donating to a campaign, or to stop donating?

We’re facing the end of campaign season, and fundraising is more important now than ever before.

Have you donated to a candidate in the past?  What makes you want to continue donating, or to stop donating altogether? Many candidates were able to phone their early supporters, which goes a long way towards ensuring their continuing support. Peter Schiff giving out…

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Politics and Pizza

Like many of us, I’m finding it challenging to decide which campaign to volunteer for this spring.  To help decide, I’ve pulled all the pizza-related campaign expenditures I could find on the Massachusetts’ campaign finance database, and grouped them by Pizzeria and Campaign.  Results are below: Pizzeria Campaign Amount A & D Pizza Glodis, Guy William $500.00 A&N Pizza Connolly,…

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How do I decide which campaign to volunteer for?

I was wondering if there are any pros or cons to volunteering for one campaign versus another? For example, it seems like the Baker campaign is very high profile, but I’m sure the Polito and Connaughton campaigns need volunteers too.

What sort of differences are there between the different statewide campaigns, as far as volunteering is concerned? What about the…

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