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Wow, I just noticed Scott Brown won 73/160 house districts

(Gabe Gomez, Charlie Baker also won in these numbers.  In 2010 Brown won close to 100 districts.  I’ve been preaching this for three years.   – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) Like so many others, I’ve taken for granted that the Democrats have an overwhelming majority in the statehouse, and I looked at the state legislature as a lost…

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MA GOP poised for huge gains in 2012

Although the City of Boston appears to be driving population growth in Massachusetts, this is offset to some degree by population loss in the cities of Western Mass. as Worcester County and other GOP-leaning areas appear to be growing substantially. Although reapportionment in the US Congress has held the spotlight, it’ll be reapportionment in the State House that will offer…

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I guess the campaign begins now for 2011, and for 2012

I’ll probably take a week off to sleep, but then it’ll be time to get ready for 2012. It’s clear the Party needs more bench strength, so let’s get some folks elected to municipal office in 2011, and to whatever special elections open up. I’m sure many of our defeated candidates for Congress and other offices would be excellent mayors,…

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