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Massachusetts Taxpayer’s Assault – The Real MTA

The MTA claims that it cares about education, but their own agenda is revealed when you look at what they demand in allegiance before endorsing (giving taxpayer money to)candidates. The MTA represents nothing more than an organization bent on redistributing taxpayer money in order to buy elections. http://webcache.googleusercont… All bolds and italics are mine Massachusetts Teachers Association

Candidate Recommendation Committee…

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Throwing the Kitchen Sink in the 6th Worcester

(I bet this person is freinds with that lady fromt eh Examiner. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) What we all thought a third party candidate would be “recruited” in the Durant/Alicea contest, and it now appears we have a name. From Today’s Worcester Telegram: Third entrant runs for House

SPENCER –  A third candidate could be on the…

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Big Tent vs Little Tent

First off I am not a Nassour backer, nor have I come on board with McCarthy. I do believe that a healthy discussion about the best way forward for the state Republican Party needs to happen before the election of the next chairman. I did not agree with the “rising tide lifts all boats” philosophy employed by Jenn in 2010.…

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Cliff Blake for MASSGOP Chair.

According to some, we need a drastic shift in direction. Rather than figure out what went wrong, we need to blow it all up and start over. We need a bloodhound. Someone that can spot a RHINO from a mile away. Cliff will cleanse the state Republican Party of any moderates or liberals, reduce party membership levels in the state…

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Why is MassGOP MIA in Durant’s race?

Those of you that attended the Republican Convention this year remember the support from the podium for Richard Ross. Ross was a State Rep running in a special election for the State Senate seat vacated by Senator Brown. There was a push at the convention for donations in order to “keep the momentum going” and several,almost daily, emails by MassGOP…

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