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Obama Blames Bush, GOP, for Delay in Presidential Library

Chicago-November 6, 2015. Former President Barack Obama addressed the ongoing delays in the completion of his Presidential Library. Originally scheduled to open a year from today on the campus of the University of Chicago, the project is months behind schedule, millions of dollars over budget, and sits half finished while funding has dried up. Obama were quick to defend the…

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Paulbots not Programmed with Class

(Yeah, right.  The Liberty Slate just wants to affect the Platform.  Believe that, and I have a Bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell you. – promoted by Paul R. Ferro) A speech Mitt Romney’s son gave at the state Arizona Republican Party convention was cut short by booing supporters of GOP presidential hopeful and rival Ron Paul. The Arizona…

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6 Degrees of Elizabeth Warren

Just because it’s too much fun to let go of yet… John Walsh’s Favorite Game!

6 Degrees of Elizabeth Warren The goal is to determine someone’s “Warren Number” by finding the degrees of separation he or she has from Warren. The higher the number, the further away from Elizabeth Warren they are.    Elizabeth Warren herself has a Warren number…

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