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Don’t forget to vote next Tues to get rid of Kerry

Those of us who are un-enrolled can help get rid of John Kerry by voting for O’REILLY  in the Dem primary.

Granted, O’Reilly is even more of a socialist lefty loon than Kerry but remember , it’s one step at a time.

1. Get rid of Kerry at the primary level (wow wouldn’t that be great!) 2.Vote Jeff Beatty in…

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My two favorite pieces of left wing psycho-babble

1.  Obama is Qualified to be POTUS !!

let’s think about that one…. let’s not even mention “community organizer” experience . In most cities that’s called “probation officer” State Senators ( 10,000 of them in the USA are a little less common than dirt)

Imagine taking  a State Senator hack like Jack Hart D So Boston or our own Jim…

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New Guy

Hi to all. I have been reading both RMG and BMG for quite  some time and recently thought I might toss in my 2 cents (post/reply) on both threads . Full disclosure Jack: 64 years old/retired


posting  “Jack12” on BMG ( Jack was already taken)

Politics:  conservative -(registered Independent)…

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