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Press release or poll? Malone refuses to release details of “poll”

Joe Malone, a potential Republican candidate for Congress, refused to release today, in compliance with professional public opinion survey disclosure guidelines, the details of a poll reported in the Boston Herald that shows him in a favorable light against Democratic incumbent William Delahunt. “We don’t give that out,” Mr. Malone told this afternoon, “could fall into the wrong hands.”…

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Mapping can now be used to create polling samples in MA state legislative districts

Street level longitude and latitude charting can now be used to create listed samples suitable for ivr polling in irregular shaped MA state legislative districts. Previously, traditional data sorting methods like town or zip code produced samples that crossed district lines, resulting in significant survey error. IVR polling has become widely accepted over the past several years, in contrast to…

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More than twice as many inbound links point to Brown than Coakley. The site far out paces by 8.9% when analyzed by’s search engine optimization (seo) tool Website Grader. The non-partisan grader gave Brown a 95.9% website effectiveness grade outpacing Coakley’s 87% rating. To read the full study visit:… Brown’s easy victory was due in part…

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