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Watch Doug Bennett’s Fiery Anti-Tax Speech at the 2009 Boston Tea Party (youtube)

Click on the following link to watch Boston City Councilor At-Large Candidate Doug Bennett's fiery Anti-Tax Speech.  In his speech, Bennett, a fiscal conservative, goes after Governor Patrick and our Tax and Spend elected officials and those who he terms as “Republicrats.”  (These are those elected officials who are “Faux” Republicans and Democrats who can't spend less and vote the…

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Bennett: “My plan will create more than 10,000 New Boston Jobs!”

Councilor At-Large Candidate Doug Bennett

on creating jobs in Boston Boston has the potential of being the Silicone Valley of the Northeastern United States. Unemployment is at 10% and Bostonians are losing their jobs.  For Boston’s economy to rebound amidst the current global economic crisis, our own local economy must evolve.  While many believe that to do this we must…

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