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Donate to Red Mass Group!

It’s not too late. We all have things in our lives we take for granted and don’t really appreciate till they are gone. Let me offer a few examples …. Ronald Reagan

96.9 FM Talk Radio


Woolworth’s Department stores

Frank Sinatra

Impartial Newspapers

Roller skating rings

Drive in theaters

Julia Childs

First love If you care about Red Mass…

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96.9 Talk GONE …Now what?

Since the demise of local Talk radio with the re-branding of WTKK 96.9 FM Talk to Hot 96.9 the Rhythm of Boston (ugh), many people have been left feeling like an old friend (or two) has died. My radio button is still set to 96.9 and ever few days I find myself checking to see if maybe they switched back…

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Got “ROMNEY/RYAN” Yard Signs?

(While I disagree that RTC funds are best spent only as donations to candidates.  See Marlboro RCC, this is a good Idea. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) Ok ..let’s talk facts. As much as Republicans (and those who love us) would like to think that Massachusetts should be a battle ground in the Presidential race, history shows that…

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MASSGOP Candidate Challenge

            Ready to Run?      

MASSGOP Candidate Challenge The MASSGOP is offering a series of workshops to help recruit candidates in legislative districts across the state as part of a challenge to all State Committee members and Activists.  You recruit the candidates and the MASSGOP will get them the training that they need…

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REDMASS SPAM Solutions Needed!!!

I would like to open this discussion by saying that Rob does an amazing job keeping Red MASS up and running. Without him, this rag tag team would fall apart. And he does it all on a shoe string budget. (By the way Rob..isn’t it time for a money bomb??) But folks …yes you the members of the Red Mass…

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MASSGOP – Meetings for GOP Committee Re-organization

( – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) TO:  State Committee Members, Town/City Committee Leaders and Potential Leaders. The MassGOP is holding a series of one-hour informational meetings across the state to assist town Committees with the re-organization process. Many committees have questions regarding the paperwork and procedures needed to correctly organize or re-organize during the required time (April 6…

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MA Town/Ward/City Republican Committee Re-organization April 2012

(Organize away. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) If the leadership of a Town/Ward/City Committee has questions regarding organizing or re-organizing, some of the basics are noted below.   The MASSGOP is sponsoring training for Republican Town/City Committees through 2012.  The first one is this weekend (see dates/times at the end of this post). Questions can also be answered…

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