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What Trump has wrought!

“Trump has proved himself incapable of this kind of political calibration. He can’t even talk to those Americans who might be receptive to his policies but haven’t yet joined up. He talks only to his base. And, in any event, in presidential politics talk is cheap–and particularly cheap coming from a self-absorbed braggart like Trump. Ultimately, he will rise or…

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Tisei comes out swinging: Ultraliberal Tierney “out of touch” on public debt problem

One day after claiming the entire field to himself, GOP congressional candidate Richard Tisei today blasted incumbent Democrat John Tierney’s failure to curb the nation’s unsustainable public debt. Tisei, a former State Senator, also scored Tierney for rejecting the proposals made by the Super Committee last year. He said that Tierney was well to the left of President Barack Obama.…

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