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Breaking News on unemployment in Massachusetts

Red “BREAKING NEWS” banner on earlier this morning, linked to an ‘article’ that is essentially an uncritical summary of this release from the Patrick/Murray Administration’s Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development.  The first paragraph of said release tells the whole story:

The Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development reported today that

the September total unemployment rate decreased…

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Profiles in the Opposite of Leadership – LG Tim Murray

Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray emerged this morning from wherever he’s been hiding for the past six weeks or so to address the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce at one of that group’s periodic Government Affairs breakfasts.  The unstated theme of his speech: “The Opposite of Leadership.” The stated subject was “transportation infrastructure” – which is, by the way, “the enabling…

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My free trial access is over

I just received the email.  As of tomorrow, online access to the Boston Globe will no longer be free.  Readers wishing to get the complete Boston Globe experience on their computers (and PDAs, and tablets!) will pay for the privilege.  $3.99 a week, to be exact, or just shy of $16 a month.  Oh, and I can take advantage of…

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Tone Matters Too

A few weeks ago when my Facebook wall was papered by my many liberal friends with Elizabeth Warren's "pay forward" exegesis on perceived inequities in the tax code, it didn't occur to me to wonder why the preferred method of disseminating the quote was via written transcription rather than a link or embed of the actual video.


The nearby…

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