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Remember the casino bill?

You know, the one taken by a conference committee behind closed doors a couple of weeks back?  Well, it is done.  From the State House News:

House and Senate negotiators agreed to a pact Monday that sets the stage for final approval of legislation to bring three casinos and a slots-only facility to Massachusetts. The bill, which is expected…

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Do taxes pay for anything?

Earlier this week the Massachusetts legislature’s Water Infrastructure Finance Commission issued a series of recommendations “calling for at least $200 million a year in new revenues to be raised” to deal with the “water and waste-water crisis” created by years of “neglected infrastructure.”  Possible sources of this revenue “include an expanded bottle-redemption law, new fees on fertilizers and pesticides, assessments…

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Who knew Keating had a second home?!?

Much of the news coverage of the Congressional redistricting plan released yesterday is giving the state legislative Democrats who drafted the map significant credit for the “politically explosive” (Globe) decision to combine the districts currently represented by Bill Keating (D-Newbie) and Stephen Lynch (D-Labor).   Please. This move was about as explosive as Play Doh.  Here’s the Herald:…

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Critical MASS Top 10 Reads of the Week – November 4, 2011

Nice to see a quality debunking of the infrastructure meme that is just as common here in MA as nationally… The U.S. infrastructure argument that crumbles upon examination – Charles Lane [Washington Post] All right-thinking people agree: America’s infrastructure is in bad shape. The only debate is over how bad. Is our infrastructure “increasingly third-world” – per Slate’s Jacob Weisberg…

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Occupiers: Everyone should have it. No one should have to pay for it.

The urban campers of Occupy Boston temporarily de-camped from the Greenway this afternoon to march through the streets of downtown Boston.  To the extent that a single coherent theme to the signs and chanting could be discerned, apparently today’s was a protest against “education debt.”  Here’s the Herald:

Members of the Occupy Boston movement, students from area colleges and…

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Casinos – do not read this with a mouthful of coffee

Remember a few weeks ago when the Massachusetts State Senate painted itself in glory by loudly shouting down a proposed five year ban on legislators accepting jobs in the soon-to-be-born Massachusetts casino industry? After one esteemed Senator indignantly proclaimed that such a ban would create “a presumption that the people in this body cannot operate with integrity,” the Democratic caucus…

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