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Tim Murray: The Godfather

   One can almost hear the words:

Some day, and that day may not come for a coupl’a weeks, I’ll call upon you to throw a fundraiser for me.  Until that day, accept this job for your son as gift on my boss’s inauguration day… I am typing, of course, about young(ish) Matthew McLaughlin, son of former Chelsea Housing Authority…

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This wacky, crazy, zany Republican primary

Most of us live primarily in the moment.  It is hard to bring historical perspective to bear on the day-to-day.  That’s why even President Obama is able to say with a straight face, as he frequently does, that his Administration has faced ‘unprecedented’ challenges.  Some (Lincoln, FDR, Grant, Truman, Ford…) might quibble, but whatever – the president is entitled to…

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