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So long, Breyers

The Milford Daily News runs a sad blurb today:


Breyers has finally stopped churning ice cream here, two years after it gave notice of a shutdown to employees and the community.

Breyers’ parent company Unilever has laid off nearly all the 174 employees at the manufacturing plant on Old Connecticut Path. A small number will remain on through…

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Atlas Shrugged (In Nervous Anticipation)

Like many a natural-born fiscal conservative, I have claimed Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged as my favorite book since long before I understood that doing so constitutes an overt political statement.  I first read it in junior high, and will now admit to the likelihood that I skimmed over significant parts of the infamously long John Galt soliloquy that constitutes the…

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Tuesday Morning Miscellany – of D retreats, lost jobs and nuclear chicken

Who nuked Chicken Little? Does “journalism” get any more ridiculous than the ongoing coverage of the infinitesimally small amounts of “Japanese” radiation detected this week in the Commonwealth’s rain water?  A casual reader, glancing only at the headlines, could be forgiven for stocking up on bottled water, gathering the kids and heading for the nearest fallout shelter.  With headlines like…

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CriticalMass Top 10 Reads of the Week (March 25, 2010)

Why the Unions Fight – Daniel DiSalvo [Weekly Standard]
Scott Walker, Wisconsin’s new governor, has brought on a showdown with public sector unions and their Democratic allies in his state. He seeks to get most state workers to pay for their pension and health benefits, to narrow collective bargaining to wages, to stop the state from collecting union dues, and…

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Patrick/Murray: redefining ‘dysfunctional’

The latest edition of the venerable Oxford English Dictionary just came out.  What unfortunate timing!  No doubt at this very moment the dictionary’s editorial board is behind closed doors, debating whether to recall the new edition in light of the Patrick/Murray Administration’s re-definition of the word ‘dysfunctional.’ I thought they’d set the bar pretty high for themselves last week with…

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Patrick to union bosses: “We stand behind you! (while you fight for us)”

In a closed-door speech to the Commonwealth’s predominant labor groups this week, Governor Patrick took umbrage at recent events in Wisconsin.  From the State House News (by way of the Eagle Trib):

In a speech that at times took on an overtly political tone, Patrick said the national debate over collective bargaining rights was more about politics than cost-cutting.…

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