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CriticalMASS Top 10 Reads of the Week (May 27, 2011)

Left Still Clueless About Financial Crisis – Peter Wallison [Enterprise Blog]
Last week, the left-wing blogs were abuzz with renewed criticism of Ed Pinto’s data on subprime and Alt-A lending. Mike Konczal and Paul Krugman triumphantly displayed a graph from a February 2011 paper by David Min of the Center for American Progress that they claimed as proof that Pinto’s…

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Indicting the system

Central to former Speaker Sal DiMasi’s defense in his ongoing public corruption trial is the argument that Sal’s actions were merely par for the course, business as usual on Beacon Hill.  Lobbyists were at the Speaker all the time, his lawyers argue.  Political horse-trading is an indispensable part of governance.  DiMasi is merely the scapegoat chosen to take the fall…

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No reform, no foul

I feel silly this morning.  Did I actually let myself think for a little while that Massachusetts – Massachusetts! – would put itself on the leading edge of the growing nationwide union reform movement?  Ridiculous as it seems now, I cannot deny it.  I put it in writing.  Silly, silly me. In the couple weeks since the union boss

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