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I have mentioned before that a good friend has known Speaker Bob DeLeo since they were kids, and vouches for him as an ethical straight-shooter.  So I personally have cause at least to hope that whenever Speaker DeLeo decides to hang it up, he will do so as the first Massachusetts House Speaker to retire free of prosecutorial compulsion since…

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CriticalMASS Top 10 Reads of the Week (June 17, 2011)

Why Obamacare Is Losing in the Courts – David Rivkin and Lee Casey [Wall Street Journal]
When we first articulated ObamaCare’s fundamental constitutional flaws in these pages nearly two years ago, our objections were met with derision by the law’s defenders. Those who have been following the unfolding litigation are no longer laughing.  

Three U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeals…

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DiMasi Verdict: Ds should stick to ‘no comment’

It is infuriating when something big happens in the public arena, something like yesterday’s conviction of former Speaker Sal DiMasi, and elected officials stiff-arm the press with a terse “no comment.” But yesterday on Beacon Hill, a number of Democratic lawmakers convincingly demonstrated why sometimes “no comment” is the way to go.  Cornered by persistent reporters, they got ornery…

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A guy who should be governor

Understandably, public interest in a losing candidate plummets almost to zero the moment the election results come in.  As a former holder of the short end on Election Day myself, I can say from first-hand knowledge that this sudden drop – the abrupt braking from 100 MPH to dead stillness – is one of the most jarring and disorienting aspects…

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