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In case you missed it: NSTAR buying green power at a fraction of the cost of Cape Wind

And you almost certainly missed it.  Only the eagele-eyed will have caught this brief AP dispatch in this morning’s Globe:

Massachusetts regulators have approved deals by the state’s second-largest utility to buy power from three land wind farms. That’s according to NStar, which said yesterday that the Department of Public Utilities approved contracts between the utility and Hoosac Wind…

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Faster and Stronger?

My frustration with the Governor’s use of the phrase “faster and stronger” is one of the things that drove Dan to say “stop venting to me about it, vent to the internet!” So here I go. Dan has previously touched on Governor Patrick’s much-used phrases to describe the Massachusetts economy: “on the mend and on the move”…

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Time to change the lyrics. It IS easy being green.

“It’s not easy bein’ green,” intoned Kermit the Frog roughly three decades ago.  How times have changed.  Now it is very easy being green – so easy, in fact, that simple willingness to adorn oneself conspicuously in that blessed color is sufficient to qualify for all manner of government largesse.  Direct grants, tax breaks and incentives, zoning exceptions – not…

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Evergreen no more

There are many things that can and will be said about Evergreen Solar’s rapid descent from media and political darling to bankruptcy.  I will say only this: Over the coming days, the press will observe that Evergreen was once the poster child of Governor Patrick’s so-called “green agenda.”  But there is no reason to use the past tense.  When…

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I-93 Bridge Repairs: On budget, ahead of schedule… and a complete and total anomaly

POSTED BY LIBBY This past Saturday, out-going Massachusetts Department of Transportation (DOT) Secretary Jeff Mullan and in-coming DOT Secretary Richard Davey (it is hard to keep track of who is in and who is out given the number of times this position has turned over during the past four years) held a press conference to announce the near-completion of the…

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