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This is why fewer and fewer people support public sector unions

Late last week the state Senate passed the latest iteration of pension reform legislation.  The marquee provision raises the minimum retirement age for most public employees from fifty-five to sixty years of age.  Would anyone be surprised to learn that the Commonwealth’s public employee unions strongly opposed the change?  State House News (via WWLP):

The unions, who represent hundreds…

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Cost doesn’t come into it (El costo no se considera)

At least 45,000 teachers in 275 school districts across Massachusetts lack adequate training to instruct students who speak limited English, potentially impeding thousands of the students from advancing academically, according to a US Justice Department investigation. That’s from the front page of today’s Globe. Later in the same article, comes this:
Across the state last year, schools taught more…

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An appropriate response to Paul Krugman’s 9/11 excretion

You've by now no doubt heard about New York Times columnist Paul Krugman's malicious bit of blog-borne 9/11 slander, published yesterday on his NYT blog page entitled "Conscience of a Liberal."  If you have not, here it is (with only a slight formatting alteration to more accurately portray the author):   Unlike a lot of my friends, I could care…

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A message from Charlie

I just opened my email to find a “post Labor Day” message from Charlie Baker.  While to most people in the real world, the passing of another Labor Day means nothing more than an end to summer, a beginning to another year of school, and perhaps the stowing away of white pants for another winter; to political junkies (state and…

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