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MA Job Creation – “Human Capital” ain’t what it used to be

First, if you aren’t tracking the excellent back-and-forth that Rob Eno is having at Red Mass Group (and elsewhere) with Patrick Administration Secretary of Economic Development Greg Bialecki about the validity (not) of the Administration’s job-creation (not) figures, check it out. It was fascinating even before the release last week of this statistic-and-chart-filled report by Mass Inc., sub-titled “Meeting…

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You Say You Want a Revolution? Well, you know, we’d all love to see the plan.

A piece of advice: Don’t read this article from the State House News Service (via WickedLocal) with your eyes too widely opened. They just might roll right out of your head.
Gov. Deval Patrick’s top energy and environment adviser called Tuesday for a “revolution” in the state’s green energy sector, urging more than 100 energy company executives to “take the clean energy…

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GOP Primary: Despite the media narrative, Mitt is winning 2 to 1

The tale of the 2012 Republican Presidential primary season is increasingly one of two divergent realities: the true one, in which most of the world lives, loves, and goes about its business, where Mitt Romney is winning quite handily. And the media’s fever dream narrative, in which the Republican contest is hotly contested between the “establishment” Romney and the “conservative…

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