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Scott Brown Votes AGAINST Jobs Bill

Scott Brown claims to believe that Jobs are issue #1. The big jobs bill comes to floor of the U.S. Senate.  50 U.S. Senators vote yes, and 48 U.S. Senators vote no (in addition to Senate Majority Leader Reid who had to vote Nay for procedural reasons).  So, of course, it fails – despite getting 50 Yea votes – because…

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Herman Cain Leading in South Carolina and Iowa (UPDATE: Shooting Up in New Hampshire, Too)

American Research Group on South Carolina: Herman Cain 26

Mitt Romney 25

Rick Perry 15 Public Policy Polling on Iowa: Herman Cain 30

Mitt Romney 22

Ron Paul 10

Rick Perry 9 We’re beginning to see these states – particularly these early, influential states – reflect Cain’s surge in popularity nationwide. Perhaps the best news for Cain in any…

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There Goes Scott Brown’s Last Fig Leaf: Voters Don’t Hate Smart People

It seems that, for a long time now, the Republican Party has worked to vilify intelligence.  From the Republican War on Science to mocking anything associated with an Ivy League school, today’s Republican Party seems to hate smart people and really, really, really wants voters to hate smart people, too. Like a dim-witted moth to a flame, Scott Brown has…

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