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A Call for Leadership Change !!

( – promoted by Patrick) In Today’s Boston Herald Peter Torkildsen said,” if Republicans could have defined their races as runs against Gov. Patrick, whom he feels is increasingly unpopular,”We would have had a better shot ? Who is he kidding!

    Torkildsen and his so call leadership of the Republican Party in Massachusetts is one reason we didn’t…

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Democrats Voting For Property Relief or A Tax Hike!!

The State Democrats are pushing through a bill that will lower Senior Citizen Property Taxes. The question is, Who will make up the difference? The below column, appeared in this weeks Cape Cod Times, and explains what the Democrats are up too along with sneaky Give All Deval. This bill will effect everyone in the State and must be defeated!!…

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Sen John Kerry in Trouble with Mass.Voters.

( – promoted by Peter Porcupine) A recent Zogby Poll released this week shows the Republican candidate Jeff Beatty of Harwich in a virtual statistical dead heat in the early stages of the 08 Election. Here is what the poll says. BOSTON, MA-AUGUST 8, 2007–Just 60 days after forming an exploratory committee to defeat John Kerry for the US Senate…

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