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Congressman Bill Keating is Not Reporting All His Campaign Reports.



January 28, 2011



PO BOX 690353

QUINCY, MA 02269


REFERENCE: AMENDED 30 DAY POST-GENERAL REPORT (10/14/2010 – 11/22/2010),

RECEIVED 12/10/2010 Dear Treasurer:

Response Due Date 03/04/2011 This letter is prompted by the Commission’s preliminary review of the report(s)referenced above. This notice requests information…

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I was For It before I was against it. Bill Keating Flip Flops

Bill Keating, who is the Democratic running for the 10th Congressional seat stated twice yesterday at a debate held in Randolph that he opposed the controversial federal economic stimulus bill signed by President Obama last year, despite saying earlier in the race that he supported it. You can read the article here at… It seems we have another John…

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New 10th Congressional Poll, Still a Toss Up, but Shows Perry Leading.

(Perry 44% Keating 42%
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There’s another poll out this morning that shows that the race for the 10th Congressional District is neck and neck between Republican Jeffrey Perry and Democrat William Keating. This poll, reported in the Washington Post, shows Perry holds a slight…

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William Keating, You Should Not Be Throwing Mud!!!

BOSTON – Norfolk District Attorney William Keating accepted campaign donations from a lawyer representing a man being prosecuted by Keating’s office for attempting to gun down an off-duty firefighter last year. Keating, a Democrat running for Congress, received two donations from attorney John McGlone in August totaling $1,545, according to an Associated Press review of campaign records filed with the…

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A newly Resurgent Republican Party? Well, It Just Split in Half Yesterday!!!!

Yesterday I went to my first and most likely last Republican Convention as a delegate. The negative hand outs by the Baker campaign on another fellow Republican Christy Mihos, was and is outrageous! It clearly showed the negative campaign against Mihos in the newspapers came from Baker himself. The Republicans in this state have shot themselves in the foot once…

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Jeff Beatty Speaks Out Against Kerry on Energy

(Good policy – promoted by EaBo Clipper) The below Column, My View, was in today’s edition of the Cape Cod Times Kerry Fails on Energy Policy By JEFF BEATTY

August 18, 2008 The United States imports 70 percent of its oil from foreign countries at a cost of $700 billion per year. These figures result in high prices for gas…

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