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Massachusettts Supreme Judicial Court Chief Justice Marshall to retire

( – promoted by Mike “DD4RP” Rossettie) According to the Boston Globe: Chief Justice Margaret H. Marshall, who led the state’s highest court as it reshaped the Western legal world with its historic ruling approving same-sex marriage in Massachusetts, announced this morning that she will retire. Marshall was appointed to the court in 1996 by Governor William Weld. In 2003,…

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Massachusetts to Award Electoral Votes Based on National Vote?

Both the Massachusetts House and Senate have approved the National Popular Vote Bill, which would give the presidential candidate with the most overall votes nationally the state’s 12 electoral votes. According to the Boston Globe: Final enactment votes are needed in both chambers, however, before the bill goes to the governor’s desk, the Globe reported last week. Governor Deval Patrick’s…

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Coming Soon: DGA Attack Ads on Baker

Attack ads work. This is the point many of you here at RMG hammered home when the RGA released $2 million of attack ads on Tim Cahill. And, to give credit where credit is due, you were (at least for the short term) right: Cahill’s numbers have dropped significantly. Today the Boston Herald is reporting that the DGA is preparing…

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As Governor, Charlie Baker will “bleed the feds dry.”

(This new info on Baker makes me like him more. The Federal system of taking our money and redistributing it is insane.  The federal deficit is insane.  But as Governor of Massachusetts it’s not his job to unilaterally disarm the State while paying for everyone else.  Charlie Baker is 100% correct here.  Thanks for the info. – promoted by Mike…

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Cahill Calls on Baker and Patrick to Support Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s Visit

Cahill Calls on Baker and Patrick to Support

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s Visit to the Commonwealth Today, Massachusetts State Treasurer and Independent candidate for Governor Tim Cahill called on Governor Deval Patrick and Charlie Baker to join him in support of Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s efforts to crack down on illegal immigration in her state. “Governor Patrick and Charlie Baker…

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Charlie Baker: Tax Cuts “Down the Road”

Last week in the Globe, candidate Baker declared that he was “to the left” of President Obama on social issues. Today, in that same paper, he moves even further away from conservative idealogy, this time on an economic issue. As we all know, part of Baker’s campaign platform is to roll back both the income and sales tax to 5%.…

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