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You’re kidding me right?

I am new to politics…at least as a candidate. So I am wondering how all these supposedly smart people up on Beacon Hill keep coming up with so many really dumb ideas. I think it’s time for a little common sense.…

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Candidate Meet and Greet

The Friends of Brad Marston Committee in conjunction with co-hosts: Boston Ward 2 Republican Committee

Boston Ward 5 Republican Committee

Greater Boston Young Republicans

Massachusetts Young Republicans

Boston Republican Meetup is hosting a GOP Candidate Meet and Greet on Tuesday 3/16 at Lir Irish Restaurant. Check out the details and the candidates scheduled to appear at…

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Speaking Out

( – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) We've started a new feature on called Speaking Out.  Each week we'll put up a new video. Some we'll record and others will be videos straight from the headlines. There is a forum attached so you can share your thoughts and discuss it with others. Our first video is entitled JOBS.…

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