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Right hand man of Interim Sheriff Steve Tompkins arrested for beating wife

Chelsea City Councilor and Massachusetts Secretary of Commonwealth Elections Department Employee Calvin Brown was arrested Tuesday night for beating his wife shortly after winning re-election as City Councilor. According to the police report, Brown, who was drunk at the time, gave his wife a nasty swollen black and blue eye. Brown, who is the Top Lieutenant of current interim Sheriff…

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Interim Sheriff Tompkins acts like animal, has mental meltdown, and loses control at Revere Parade

REVERE– At the Christopher Columbus Day Parade held in Revere on October 14, 2013, Interim Suffolk County Sheriff Steven Tompkins once again lost control of himself when he began acting like an animal, and threatened to “kick his opponent’s (Bennett) ass…” This most recent mental meltdown by Tompkins, who called Bennett a “f@$%&ng bitch,” occurred in public in front of…

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(VIDEO) Store Owner: Interim Sheriff unlawfully pulls out badge/demanded removal of Rival’s signs.

Click on this link to watch: Jean Jackson, the owner of La Paix barber shop at 1059 Hyde Park Avenue in Boston, testifies how Suffolk County Interim Sheriff Steven Tompkins unlawfully pulled out his badge and demanded that the store owner remove Douglas Bennett for Sheriff's sign “because it was too early to put up campaign signs…” Tompkins is…

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