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Obama And The Third Rail

I really had no choice but watch The Speech. It was a bonafide news event, there were “expectations”, there was drama, and in the end, this had all the mystique of an Oscar broadcast. Just a lot shorter. First, let’s address the hype. Could he pull it off? Could he meet expectations? Of course he could. This “event” may have…

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Massachusetts Is No Picnic

( – promoted by Cool Cal) While Governor Deval Patrick hosted a picnic at his Berkshire mansion, should our lawmakers really be taking time off to have a good time when our state is in need of real leadership and a clear change in fiscal and economic direction? The poll of 281 U.S. corporate executives put Arizona at No. 8…

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The Pandering Must End

( – promoted by Cool Cal) I do want John McCain to win in November. Consider the alternative. I’ve personally been told to tread easy and not make the McCain Campaign mad, but there’s certain things that need be said, and I’m proud of my tendency of saying things that need be said by those who don’t want to make…

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8/4 Guest Spot on NECN’s NewsNight

( – promoted by Patrick) Next Monday, get your popcorn ready as I’m honored to be a guest on
NewsNight with Jim Braude

New England’s only locally produced nightly in-depth news analysis program. Jim Braude explores all angles of the news that affects New Englanders. Also covered are topics relating to culture, business, education and technology. No other local program…

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It’s The Economy

( – promoted by Cool Cal) And Bob Parks is running on an answer by Chris Collins, 7/18/08 Bob Dylan once wrote that you don’t have to be a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing. And for Republican Bob Parks, it was pretty obvious that things weren’t going to blow his way in the 2006 race…

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