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Bill Hudak: The choice this November is clear

This editorial was submitted to the Bedford Minuteman: The choice this November is clear

By Bill Hudak

Bedford Minuteman

Thursday, October 28, 2010 On Nov. 2, voters across America and across our district will face a clear choice that may well define the economic growth and prosperity of our nation for a generation. In the 6th District, a vote for…

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Scott Brown Endorses Bill Hudak

  Today, Senator Brown endorsed our campaign along with the other candidates running against entrenched incumbents in Massachusetts.   It's an honor to have the Senator's endorsement, here is what Senator Brown said today:  “On November 2nd, the people of Massachusetts are ready to send another message to Washington,” Brown said. “Right now, we need new independent voices in Washington…

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Hudak: First Television Ad

(WOW – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) RMG, I wanted to share this new TV ad that we are running. As readers of RMG, you know all too well about Congressman John Tierney.

This new ad speaks for itself, will you help us deliver this message to the voters of the 6th District?

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Steve Forbes endorses Bill Hudak for Congress

RMG Friends, It is with great excitement that I announce our latest endorsement. Steve Forbes, the former presidential candidate and Publisher of the nation’s leading business magazine, threw his support behind our campaign to defeat John Tierney. “Bill Hudak is an intelligent and thoughtful advocate for many of the same positions I hold on critical issues facing our country today,”…

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Hudak On Howie Carr?

I was on the Howie Car show recently and you can listen to the segments below. We have been working hard campaigning across the 6th District and I have met so many wonderful people. Last night, I was at Salem State College and was invited by the Political Science Academy. John Tierney was invited too, but unfortunately, he didn't want…

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Radio: Team Hudak On The Road

We have a lot planned this week but I wanted to share three key events with you this week.  I was invited to debate John Tierney at these three venues, but we believe he will only attend the debate on Thursday, October 14. Monday, October 11, 7:00pm I will be hosting an open forum to field questions and interact with…

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