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In-depth opinion on Hedlund, Malone, Perry and the 10th Congressional seat w/ poll

( – promoted by Mike “DD4RP” Rossettie) Let’s get real here for a few minutes… Joe Malone comes with a TON of baggage (simply look into what happened at the lottery and the ensuing investigation).  His baggage doesn’t fit into the “Bold New Leadership” style campaign that got Scott Brown elected to the US Senate. Do we want our candidate…

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Senator Hedlund passes resolution condemning UMass-Amherst over invitation of terrorist to speak

( – promoted by Cool Cal) The Massachusetts State Senate, led by the Senate Republicans, passed a resolution that condemns the University of Massachusetts – Amherst for extending an invitation to Raymond Luc Levasseur to speak on Thursday. Raymond Luc Levasseur is a convicted terror bomber and radical leader of United Freedom Front, a violent anti-government group linked to some…

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