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Fed interest rate policy ???? Cash infusion?

Friday I sent an email to the Fed Board Boardexpressing my absolute disgust with their “caving in” and “bailing out” the greedy SOBs that have trashed the financial markets over several years now. They just pumped 70 BILLION dollars into the financial system to save the ass of some dirt bags that hung out hundreds of thousands of bogus…

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Isn’t it appropriate that the yellow cake poll be removed now that we know what Newt actually said?

Isn’t it appropriate that now that Mr Gingrich has clarified his position on CNN that this liberal sock puppet poll is irellevant???
Why are liberal sock puppets being headlined with false and misleading information????
Why are they allowed to spew liberal psycho-babble and grossly misleading ‘opinions” on a supossedly conservative site??
Hey Eabo and Patrick..Wake up !!!!…

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