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The end of Congress as we know it?

Will Republican intransigence mean the end of Congress, at least as you and I know it, and the designers of checks and balances designed our government? Unfortunately, too many Republicans see the hyped debt ceiling crisis as a way to slash the social safety net.  Republicans want to dos this, because what you and I see as a safety net,…

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The Four Freedoms, the debt ceiling, and Abraham Maslow

The Four Freedoms that FDR championed are now on the chopping block.  There was a time when I would have thought an attack on the basics of Democracy itself would be unacceptable to both Democrats AND Republicans. I grew up in a household where my parents HEARD that speech.   They taught my brother and sister and I to honor…

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Eleven courthouses to close – NO economic impact study done in advance

Here is the list of courts slated for closure: •Berkshire

Juvenile Court to Northern Berkshire District Court (North Adams) •Charlestown Division of the Boston Municipal Court to the Boston Municipal Court •Framingham

Juvenile Court to Marlborough

District Court •Gloucester District Court to Salem District Court •Hingham District Court to Brockton District

Court •Leominster District Court to Clinton District Court /…

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Slimy creatures thrive in the bottom of the barrel

Republicans are just as arrogant and secretive as Democrats once they become entrenched incumbents, at least in this state.  Here, the House Minority leader was quoted, too: “Bradley H. Jones Jr., the House Republican leader, said he agrees with the need to conduct some business behind closed doors to facilitate negotiations. Jones calls for a modest overhaul allowing lawmakers to…

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Open letter to the Budget Conference Committee

( – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno) June 17, 2011 RE: The FY 12 Budget, outside sections, and line item 0321-1510 Dear Senator Brewer, Senator Baddour, Senator Knapik, Rep. Dempsey, Rep. Kulik, and Rep. deMacedo: Outside sections in the budget for FY 12 that create, destroy, or transform programs concern me.   Outside sections do not undergo the committee…

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How many jelly beans in the jar?

Given that the Governor has ten days to review whatever budget the Conference Committee creates, and the House and Senate pass, and that a new budget needs to be in place as of July 1, 2011 – or interim budgets must be passed to avoid embarassing shut downs…6/20/11 seems to be the outer limit for completing that budget and today…

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500 new state employees? 1000? How many private jobs lost?

The Senate Budget, if its provisions about indigent defense are enacted, would require the hiring of 750 – 1000 new state employees, including at least 500 attorneys.  the same provisions would destroy small local law practices, cause secretaries and others to lose their jobs, and reduce the attorneys available in rural areas. Here is the link for those interested:  …

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