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A third party presidential candidate may be on the ballot in more than 28 states

You don’t have to take my word for it – Khalil Byrd is the CEO: Link to story… “Kahlil Byrd, chief executive of Washington-based Americans Elect, told the Harvard audience that the organization has raised $21 million of the $30 million it estimates it would need to nominate a ticket and qualify it for the November 2012 ballot in…

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Commonwealth Magazine covers the silent crisis

Here is the article http://www.commonwealthmagazin… The “Crisis” is the near-extinction of full time reporters at the State House.  This matters.  Remember, that both the State Senate and the State House of representitives voted to exclude themselves from all “open meeting” laws and information law requests, and most “fair procurement” restrictions. Back in 2003 the Press Room was bustling – phones…

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The Business Insider reports “The Whole World thinks Republicans are Dangerous Maniacs”

Please get your team to NOT ruin the American Brand.  I didn’t make this up:  Here is the link:… By ruining the American Brand the Tea Party economaniacs may have ruined the markets for American Exports for decades. Where are the Rockefeller  Republicans?  The Eisenhower Republicans?  Heck, I would take a Reagan Republican over these fixated hostage takers…

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