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Does Scott Brown Agree With Tea Partier That Elizabeth Warren Is a “Socialist Whore”?

This episode is incredibly telling, both about Elizabeth Warren’s unflappability and about Scott Brown’s apparent supporters’ willingness to proverbially throw rocks. Elizabeth Warren holds a volunteer organizing event in Brockton and packs the room, like she did in Framingham earlier in her tour.  She gets to the podium, and, before she can launch into her stump speech, a Teabagger interrupts…

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Do Birthers Embarrass You? (Or Do You Also Question the Authenticity of the Birth Certificate?)

Most political junkies by now have heard the term “Truthers,” the far-left-fringe nuts who think that the George W. Bush Administration was responsible for 9/11.  Just about everybody sane on the political left – and certainly every Democratic elected official of any prominence – 100% discredits the Truther bunch as nuts.  Politically, they are an embarrassment. I’m curious, for those…

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