URGENT! Oppose Massachusetts Sanctuary State Legislation

Sanctuary policies threaten public safety. Illegal aliens are up to five and a half times more likely to be incarcerated in state prisons and county jails than are U.S. citizens and legal immigrants.

Moreover, sanctuary policies are unfair to legal immigrants who did things right and followed the law to come to America properly.

Also, police don’t need sanctuary policies to make immigrants feel comfortable reporting crimes. There is no empirical evidence of a “chilling effect” from local law enforcement cooperation with federal authorities.

Additionally, federal law forbids state and local governments from restricting the sharing of information about illegal aliens with the federal government. Furthermore, federal law encourages states to cooperate with immigration authorities as much as possible.

At 11:00 AM on Friday, January 24th, the Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security will hold a public hearing on legislation establishing Massachusetts as a Sanctuary State for Illegal Aliens in the Gardner Auditorium of the State House (House Bill 2573 and Senate Bill 1401, the so called “Safe Communities Act”).

The public is asked to attend the hearing and express opposition to this dangerous legislation, or contact the Committee by emailing: Michael.Moore@masenate.gov and Harold.Naughton@mahouse.gov or call (617) 722-2230.


Barnstable County Commissioner

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