MCIR: Say “No” to Bill to Give Drivers Licenses for Illegal Aliens in Massachusetts

Say “No” to Drivers Licenses for Illegal Aliens in Massachusetts\

Over the last ten years, Massachusetts has had the largest increase in the number of illegal aliens, and the lowest increase in the wages of unskilled workers of any state in the nation. That’s not a coincidence.

Now various legislators in our state propose to further enable illegal immigration by passing legislation (H.3012/S. 2061) that would grant drivers’ licenses to illegal aliens. Hearings on that bill are being held today, September 4 at 10:00 AM in Hearing Room B-1 of the State House. But the bill has nothing to do with safe driving. Its purpose is to make it easier for illegal aliens to live in our state.

Such legislation would also make it easier for unscrupulous employers to hire the so-called “undocumented,” instead of hiring Americans and legal immigrants. The advantage: they can pay them lower wages and otherwise exploit them.

A whopping 200,000 illegal aliens already reside in Massachusetts—up one third from a decade ago—taking jobs that would otherwise go to lawful residents, and driving down the wages of low-skilled residents who are still working, because an oversupply of any resource reduces its value.

Illegal immigration also leads to higher crime, reduced quality of health care for residents—especially low-income residents—and it crowds schools and lowers the quality of primary and secondary education. Illegal immigrants also use other social services, and drive up the cost of education, and drive up welfare costs—partly by putting Americans out of work. But they pay negligible taxes, and end up costing each taxpaying household an average of $1,500 annually.

Since 9/11 our country has been working to build a comprehensive and reliable system of identification to enable Federal and state law enforcement to work together to combat crime and terrorism. This bill would undermine that system. The 9/11 terrorists had 30 state driver’s licenses and identification cards enabling them to travel in the US undetected. Currently, illegal aliens are not vetted to determine whether they pose national security or criminal threats.

While most people residing in the US illegally are not criminals, illegal immigration generates revenue for the criminal thugs that operate networks of human and drug smugglers that supply cheap workers to unscrupulous employers. Many illegal immigrants pay for their passage by transporting drugs for these gangs. The gangs also sometimes supply fraudulent documents, enabling the so-called undocumented to work in the US. The victims: Americans whose identities have been stolen.

“This bill is bad for workers and taxpayers in the Commonwealth, and bad for national security,” said John Thompson, spokesman for MCIR. “Moreover, studies in California and New Mexico showed that giving drivers licenses for illegal immigrants did nothing to improve road safety.”

The Massachusetts Coalition for Immigration Reform (MCIR) urges voters to stand with American workers and against the human traffickers and sweatshop operators while showing respect for the law and law enforcement. Together, let us defeat this bill.


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