The Abortion Industry Doesn’t Deserve Your Tax Dollars

Fresh off of hearings on Beacon Hill about the Roe Act Infanticide Bill and the Assisted Suicide bill, next week legislators will hear testimony on Rep. Joe McKenna’s House Bill 1181, which specifically defunds Planned Parenthood. We urge you to contact your legislators in support of his bill.

Email Legislators

Originally filed by then-Rep. Jim Lyons in prior legislative sessions, the bill helps us draw attention to the many abuses of Planned Parenthood. We must make sure ordinary people understand that they’re not a “health care provider,” they are an abortion industry giant driven by profits.

The Roe Act Infanticide bill is being pushed by Planned Parenthood because even the most basic, common sense abortion regulations undermine their access to vulnerable women, thereby decreasing their profits. You can read more about this in this recent article on the Roe Act.

The abuses of Planned Parenthood are not new, and continue to grow. We have chronicled how outrageous their staff salaries are here in MA, subsidized by taxpayers, and linked to political kickbacks and support for politicians during the election season.

The work of exposing Planned Parenthood is being done by a variety of national groups, trying to hold politicians accountable and educate voters about why seemingly caring officials would want to legalize infanticide and jeopardize women’s safety (hint: it’s all about money).

We urge you to read through the two website posts below, and urge your friends and neighbors to “follow the money,” when it comes to Planned Parenthood.

Please email your legislators in support of Rep. McKenna’s bill. While many legislators will do what Planned Parenthood says, we must make sure they know we’re paying attention, and call them out on what Planned Parenthood’s all about.

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