Thousands Rally on Beacon Hill, Help Amplify their Voices

Thank you so much to all of you who attended the rally and testified at the hearing yesterday! Your voices were heard, from Coalition board member Debby Dugan speaking at the beginning of the rally, all the way to the delivery of our “Say No To Roe” petition signatures to the Judiciary Committee at the end of the evening.

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The press and legislators took notice, and we’re posting written articles and video of the news coverage of the day on our Facebook page. We videoed most of the rally and testimony via Facebook live yesterday, and clips are available on Facebook for supporters to watch.

We want to draw your attention to one particular back and forth, covered by the New Boston Post, between State Representative Sheila Harrington and doctors from the Massachusetts Medical Society. Rep. Harrington exposed that the doctors were unfamiliar with the infanticide provision, but then once it was explained to them, they defended it certain circumstances. Please take a minute to click here and read the exchange.

Finally, the pro-life side brought out many of the “big guns” of our fight to testify and speak at the rally. For those of you on Facebook, we encourage you to like and share the videos of their speeches, and the graphics we’ve created quoting them, to keep spreading their message on social media beyond our rally. Help grow our movement by educating fellow voters about what’s really in this legislation.

Dr Michael New


Again, thank you for all of you who came out yesterday, and those cheering and praying from home for our voices to be heard. We haven’t won the battle, but we’ve made great progress thanks to the energy and dedication of the pro-life movement.

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The Renew MA Coalition is a non-partisan, advocacy organization to support conservative activists and legislators and their efforts to change Beacon Hill.