New Poll Finds MA Voters Reject Infanticide Bill

Thank you to all of you who attended our press conference and rally today, announcing the results of the Susan B. Anthony List’s Massachusetts poll regarding the provisions of the Roe Act Infanticide bill.

You’ll recall this legislation legalizes infanticide, eliminates parental consent laws, dramatically expands late term abortion, and removes important safety precautions designed to reduce harm to pregnant women having an abortion.

We’re excited to tell you that the SBA poll shows voters in Massachusetts reject the provisions of the Roe Act Infanticide bill in large numbers—including Democrats and pro-choice voters. The New Boston Post has an excellent piece with in-depth coverage of all the numbers. We’ll post additional coverage to our Facebook page here.

Majority of Massachusetts Voters Oppose Expanding Late-Term Abortions, New Poll Finds

Today’s press conference brought together a variety of state and national groups, with hundreds of supporters crammed into a hearing room to hear the good news. The unity of the conservative movement in opposition to this bill is incredibly encouraging.

We want to thank the activists who helped us spread the word over the last week as we coordinated the details, and who came into the State House today in large numbers to join us. C.J. Williams of Massachusetts Citizens for Life took this amazing panoramic photograph of the crowd:

prolife crown

The crowd today and the polling numbers show that the momentum is on our side.

We ask that you take a moment to forward this email to your friends, asking that they sign our petition in opposition to the Roe Act, which can be found at the dedicated url:

The petition signatures will be delivered to our legislators, the Governor, and the Judiciary Committee in advance of the hearing on the bill, helping to make all of our voices heard.

Thanks again for all your support.

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