Forum Explored the Community Impacts of Illegal Immigration

Last night, the Renew Massachusetts Coalition, in cooperation with Massachusetts Coalition for Immigration Reform, SAFE Boston, Center for Immigration Studies, the Federation for American Immigration Reform, and the Newton Republican City Committee held a forum to highlight the real life stories of the impacts of illegal immigration on communities. Thank you for those of you who were able to attend.

Prompted by the recent obstruction of justice charges against Newton District Court Judge Joseph for releasing a criminal from the courthouse, the forum featured a panel discussion covering the impact of illegal immigration on drug trafficking, human trafficking, risks to public safety, and the burdens on local governments.

Jessica Vaughan, Director of Policy Studies with the Center for Immigration Studies, moderated the forum. She introduced the discussion by noting that the crisis at the border is crisis in our communities. “I’ve been to the border and seen what’s gone on there. Record high numbers of people are arriving illegally with kids, knowing that if they say they fear return they will be allowed to stay here indefinitely. Most do not bother filling out the asylum application forms and skip out on their hearings, with no consequences. Massachusetts is a destination, not only because many of them have family here, often living here illegally, but also because of sanctuary policies and other factors that encourage them. It’s a crisis, no doubt, but instead of granting the Department of Homeland security the resources and tools to address it, Nancy Pelosi’s House chose to pass a huge amnesty to reward this behavior. The purpose of this forum is to hear how this is impacting local communities.”

Addressing the issue of public safety, Angel Mom and Vice President of Advocates for Victims of Illegal Alien Crime, Maureen Maloney, fought through emotions to tell the story of her son, Matthew Denice who was killed by a drunk driving illegal immigrant.

She then said, “At the trial, the defense sought to have the 34-year-old illegal immigrant Nicholas Guaman declared unfit for trial because he only had a second grade education. My son is dead and the defense wanted this guy to walk. Now, there’s not even a pretense of equal justice as accused Judge Joseph of Newton District Court assisted in the release of a criminal from her courtroom last year. We need to restore equal justice for all,” demanded Mrs. Maloney.

Jonathan Hanen with the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) spoke to the burdens placed on federal, state, and local governments. “FAIR’s 2017 fiscal impact study showed a net loss after taxes of $116 billion in federal and state level outlays to illegal immigrants and their children for education, healthcare, law enforcement, welfare, and other government programs. This is unsustainable. Any way you slice it, the far-left’s thirst for open borders and hunger for ever-expanding social programs will bankrupt federal, state, and local governments.” said Hanen.

The forum also covered the tragedy of human trafficking. “The mother of a 12-year-old girl hired coyotes to bring her daughter across the border. After arriving in Massachusetts, the brother of the mother’s boy friend began having sex with the young girl and eventually took her to New York City,” said Jasmine Grace Founder and Director of Bags of Hope (which ministers to women escaping from the commercial sex trade). “She eventually became pregnant without knowing it, got dropped off at a emergency room and gave birth to a 22-week old premature baby. Through the efforts of my ministry and God’s grace, she eventually became free of her circumstances. This is an example of how girls as young as twelve coming across the border can get entrapped.”

“Sanctuary city and sanctuary state policies draw the worst of illegal immigration. MS-13 gangs and drug traffickers have targeted the Northeast and, in particular, Massachusetts as bases of drug trafficking operations,” explained Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson. “Everyone knows that Lawrence, Massachusetts is a major hub for drug trafficking, and that will only get worse if sanctuary state legislation is adopted in Massachusetts.” said Sheriff Hodgson.

We’ll keep you posted regarding any legislative or political developments as we coordinate with activists and groups in Massachusetts and across our nation to prevent Massachusetts from becoming a sanctuary state.

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