Radical Left Lying About Infanticide in New Online Ads

As you have heard online and in the media, the Roe Act Infanticide bills:

  • Eliminate the ‎parental consent and notification system entirely, so girls as young as 12 can get abortions without any adult involvement
  • Remove provisions requiring the giving of life saving care, legalizing infanticide
  • Expand circumstances dramatically in which a woman can receive a late term abortion with no questions asked
  • Gut requirements that late term abortions be performed in hospitals

The conservative movement is united in opposition to this legislation, and the Renew MA Coalition is pushing back via digital ads, autocalls, and literature distribution thanks to your help.

The pro-abortion lobby have stepped up with their own advertising effort, launching their own google ads:

pro-abortion lobby ad

We need to keep up the pressure on elected officials. Earlier this month the editorial staff of the New Boston Post published an article about the ROE Act to demonstrate specifically HOW it actually promotes infanticide.

ROE Act Supporters Say They Don’t Support Infanticide; Maybe They Should Read Their Bill

We can set the record straight with every legislator by using our easy click-through system to send them the New Boston Post piece. Contact your Representative / Senator today. Ask them to read the New Boston Post piece, remove their names if they are cosponsors and pledge to vote against this bill, by clicking the link below.

Finally, our volunteer canvassing continues each weekend in May. Please contact us to participate.

About Renew MA

The Renew MA Coalition is a non-partisan, advocacy organization to support conservative activists and legislators and their efforts to change Beacon Hill.