We said They’d be Back, and Here They are…

Yesterday, despite the snow, leftists on Beacon Hill held a huge advocacy day to push for Senator Jamie Eldridge’s Sanctuary state legislation.

A little less than a year ago we wrote:

The Speaker is already placating them, with State House News reporting that “DeLeo said he welcomed further debate on the [Sanctuary state] issue, ‘to those folks I hear them, I hear them loudly and clearly. I hear their advocacy and again I feel this is going to have to be an issue, not only with me but I think with a lot of members of the House in terms of the future,” DeLeo said.”

Speaker DeLeo is correct—this issue isn’t going away.

And indeed, Sanctuary State legislation and its advocates are back with the same lies they told the last time. And now, Senator Jamie Eldridge is the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee.

Yesterday, the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refuge Advocacy Coalition was knocking on legislator doors, promoting the latest version of the “Safe Communities Act,” SB1401, HD1520, that would prohibit state and local police and law enforcement organizations from coordinating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers regarding dangerous criminal illegal immigrants.

The legislative session got off to a slow start, allowing us to identify and analyze many bills, like the Roe Act, and Counseling Ban (please email your legislators if you have not already done so), that the liberals will be pushing this year. We must remain vigilant, on all fronts, as they’re now gearing up quickly.

As we saw on Friday with virtually no notice, a hearing was called with fewer than five days to mobilize on the Counseling Ban. Won’t you help us by signing our petition today on the Sanctuary State bill, and help us begin drawing attention to the issue today? With Eldridge as Judiciary Chairman, we aren’t likely to have much more notice than we had with the Counseling ban.

Yesterday’s rally, which was reported as the second such lobby day this year, featured U.S. Representative Ayanna Pressley, Senate President Spilka, the Massachusetts ACLU, union representatives and the Executive Director of the MIRA, Eva Millona, recently appointed to a top post with the Census. They are getting an early start in an attempt to unite the left against those of us that want want truly safe communities.

WGBH reports Rep. Ruth Balser (D-Newton) as saying “Half of the legislature are on board with the Safe Communities Act.”

They continue to paint a false picture to tug at the heartstrings of legislators. WGBH reports Millona stating “They [victims of domestic violence and sexual assault] are scared of being separated from their children. They know it’s a real risk. They’ve seen families torn apart right in their communities. Nobody should have to worry that if they call the police, they’ll get deported,” Millona said.

In fact, our immigration laws protect illegal immigrants who are victims of domestic violence, sexual assaults, and other crimes with special visas. What really scares these victims is that those they report will be released back into the community and seek vengeance on those that report them.

They have also introduced legislation, HB3012, SB2016 to issue drivers licenses to illegal immigrants, as they attempted in 2015. We successfully defeated the legislation then, along with attempts to slip it into the budget, but we need your help again.

Are you willing to help defeat this bad legislation again? Please sign the petition!

They know there are more of us, and they have a tough road convincing voters that we should abandon immigration law. But we need to get our message out too—enough is enough, the politicians pushing this should be defeated. Please join with us today by signing up to volunteer.

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The Renew MA Coalition is a non-partisan, advocacy organization to support conservative activists and legislators and their efforts to change Beacon Hill.