Tell Gov. Baker – Veto the Counseling Ban

The Counseling Ban that passed the House and Senate is a dangerous bill that discriminates against any understanding of gender theory contrary to liberal ideology. The Governor should veto it because it unconstitutionally infringes upon the free speech rights of parents, children, and therapists. Please take 30 seconds to email him your opposition to this bill:

This legislation targets parents simply trying to assist their gender-confused children by requiring that any counseling (specifically talk therapy) that they receive affirm liberal gender ideology and sex changes. A well-meaning mental health provider would be gagged and prohibited from exploring the source of a client’s feelings, and be required by law to affirm hormone therapy and sex change surgery, regardless of the views of parents.

This amounts to an unconstitutional gag rule which will be challenged should the Governor decline to fix it. Our colleagues at the Massachusetts Family Institute are working with the Alliance Defending Freedom to file a legal suit should the bill become law.

Please take 30 seconds to click here to ask the Governor to fix this bill before it winds up in the courts, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars in addition to the damage done to children. You can also call him at 617-725-4005. Please make sure you leave your name and address where registered to vote if you are leaving a voicemail.

The Governor can still veto the counseling ban, but even if he does not, the fight will continue in the courts.

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